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This great VI Dynasty

I always seek sanctuary and recharge my batteries as it were. Clean wind blown sand has begun to engulf the entrance, it really is a magical place still unspoilt. Khentikas titles of which 52 are known to us include Hereditary Prince, Count, Sole Companion, Real Chief Justice and Vizier, Inspector of Prophets of the Pyramid "One enduring of beauty is Pepi". All the titles are listed on pages 9/10 of the thirtieth memoir. The doorway exhibits two back-to-back figures of Khentika both sat on low backed chairs with back cushions, both holding staff and sceptre. One figure has a full wig the other a short-cropped wig. Hieroglyphs: The left inscription states, the Chief Lector Priest Khentika whose good name in Ikhekhi. The right inscription states, the Hereditary Prince Khentika whose good name is Ikhekni

Kaemsenu, Saqqara Dynasty VI

The lintel at Saqqara just to the West of Mereruka now totally sanded up, dates to the Sixth Dynasty ( c2350 bc ). The photograph taken in October 1991 shows Titles , Name and part of an offering text, you can just make out the enterance to the tomb chapel on the lower right. Firth states that the lintel in question was broken into 4 pieces of which only 1 remains in situ. Inscriptions from the West wall architrave featuring offering text can be viewed in the M.M.A. in New York in the Old Kingdom section. The remains of the lintel read... Overseer of the Granary, the Monthly feast of Shad, the Monthly feast, the Half-Monthly feast, every feast, every day.

The Warrior Hero

The tomb dates to the very beginning of the New Kingdom & the biography of its owner, on the walls of his tomb give contemporary witness to the expuls. Ahmose Son of Ibana joined the army in the junior ranks & rose to be one of the highest officers. The walls of his last resting place bear witness to his great feat's of individual bravery, slaying many of the kings enemies. Ultimately leading to the highest honour available at the time. Ahmose son of Ibana was undoubtedly one of the military heroes of his time. The victories over the hated Hyksos laid the foundations for what we today call the new kingdom one of the most prosperous periods in the whole of Anc